Your Pups Will be treated well in our State of the Art Self Contained Mutts-N-More  Grooming Trailer. Our Trailer has hot and cold running water so your Pups will be  comfortable with the water temperature. The Trailer has Nice cold AC for those hot days.  The Hydraulic Grooming table will lift the largest of breeds right up to the Stainless steel  tub. The Tub has a swinging door for easy access for your pup. The Ceiling is Blue Sky  Color which is know to be Calming for Dogs during the bathing and grooming process.  The trailer is completely self contained with Clean Fresh water and Power. We do not  require to be hooked up to your house. No cages required to groom your Pup, Ever!. Most  Grooming Salons do not offer such nice accommodations for your Precious Pup.