Due to different breeds, condition of  coat and time needed to complete  services, grooming package prices  quoted over the phone are only  estimates. Your professional groomer  will let you know if there are any  additional charges. 

 Our prices are only slightly higher than those big box retail stores but our services are worth it. We are cheaper than Most Mobile Groomers. 

 Don't let your precious pet sit in a cage  all day stressed out at the Grooming  Salons. This is bad for your Pets  health. 

  At Mutts-N-More Grooming, your  precious pet will never be in a cage and  will be completed in 60-90 minutes  depending on cut. 

 ​Mobile grooming is best for your pet  safety, health and sanity. 

     ​​ Why we don't post prices!!

       Pricing is based on Breed and Weight.

       Prices are only estimates.  Matted fur will be additional  Charge. 

​       Please fill out the Form below for your Special Price Quote. 

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