Refusing Service​.....

 Customer understands that Mutts-N-More Grooming has the right to refuse service to Customer's pet at any time for any reason.  Customer understands that if their pet has a history of or repeatedly demonstrates aggression or biting of humans or animals, Mutts-  N-More Grooming reserves the right to refuse service. 

 Pet Medical Emergency Care.....

 I authorize Mutts-N-More Grooming to act as my agent in the event emergency veterinarian services, boarding, care-taking, and/or  transportation is necessary and  I agree to pay all costs. Any/all damages, loss or claim shall include but not limited to death, injury, or  shock. Said pre-existing conditions shall not be limited to  advanced age, extreme nervousness, neurosis, illness, previous injury, skin  or coat conditions, or mental conditions.

    The Legal Stuff

 Legal Owner.....

​ Customer must be the legal owner of the pet. The pet must not have been exposed to distemper, rabies, or parvovirus within the past thirty (30) days and has been  inoculated as indicated by records presented.

 Home and Property Damage.....

​ Mutts-N-More Grooming will not be held responsible for damages to my yard, home or property while on the service call for grooming  my pet(s). As the owner or  caregiver, I authorize Mutts-N-More Grooming to perform scheduled grooming appointments while I am  away from home or property. In the case where a key is  left or given for my home, Mutts-N-More Grooming will not be held  responsible for any damages or theft to my property. I will sign an invoice/work order each  time my pet is groomed as requested, and  I will leave a note with my authorization [signature] for grooming should I not be home.

 Unpaid Fees:

 I understand if my invoice is unpaid after 30 days, it will be referred to a collection agency. I'm responsible for all fees due to the  collection agency.

 You will be charged $25 for each check that didn't clear the bank because of Insufficient Funds. 

 Pet Pictures

 I understand that Mutts-N-More Grooming may take pictures of my pet, before and after grooming, for their website, advertising and  education.

Mutts-n-more Grooming Mobile Pet Grooming

 Cancellation Policy.....

​ In the event I need to CANCEL my appointment: I understand that I must notify Mutts-N-More Grooming at least 24 hours prior to my  scheduled appointment.  Leaving a message on the 'Land line' machine is fine. I am also aware that should I fail to do so I will have an  additional $20 Trip Fee added to my next grooming charges billed to me.

Liability Release

Customer releases Mutts-N-More Mobile Grooming, from any and all liabilities, financial, and otherwise, for injuries to Customer, Customer's pet, or any other property of Customer, which arise in any way from services and/or products provided by or as a consequence of Customer's association with Mutts-N-More Grooming  including, but not limited to, veterinarian bills.

Customer assumes all liabilities, financial and otherwise, for the behavior and health of their pet. In consideration of the services rendered by Mutts-N-More Grooming. Customer waives any and all claims, actions, or demands of any nature, foreseen or unforeseen, against Mutts-N-More Grooming relating to the care, control, health, and/or safety of Customer's pet arising during services performed by Mutts-N-More Grooming Professional Groomers.

Your Professional Groomer will provide you are release form

at the time of service for signature