Whats Up??

 David and Shelly  “Husband and Wife” are excited to bring you the best Mobile Pet Grooming In the East Valley of Arizona. 

 Hello, My Name is David and I’m very excited to be the business owner of Mutts-N-More Grooming.

 I’m very passionate about dogs and animals in general. I believe every dog should be part of a loving family and receive the best  grooming possible. A well groomed dog is a happy dog.

 I have 15 years experience with business and customer service management. I have the knowledge to give you the best customer  service experience possible while your pet is being groomed at Mutts-N-More.

 Hello, My name is Shelly and I Welcome you to the Mutts-N-More Grooming family. I have always loved animals, especially cats. I  love dogs too! I’m very excited to be a business owner along with my Husband David to bring you the best Grooming possible for  your furry kids. We own one cat and one dog.

 I have several years experience grooming dogs. I was trained at a private grooming salon with a Master Groomer. I received  additional training at PetsMart. I have the experience and knowledge to help  you decide what is best for your furry kids.

 When you call Mutts-N-More Grooming, I will be the friendly voice on the phone.

 At Mutts-N-More Grooming we only hire the best groomers with several years of experience and training at a certified school.  When working with our groomers you will be working with the best.

 Our mobile trailer and equipment is “State-Of-Art” and modern.  It's fully self contained so we do not require to be connected to  your house in any way.

 Welcome to the Mutts-N-More Family!


 Mutts-N-More Professional Groomer. 

 Hello! My name is Chelsea and I have been grooming for 5 years! Animals have  always been my passion since I was a little girl! Throughout the years, I have  learned different ways of assuring our pets comfortability as well as being neatly  groomed. I am always delighted to share my knowledge with my customers to  further their needs to be the best pet parent possible! My goal is to always see  my clients and their pets to be happy as they can with the finished look of their  groom. My favorite part of this career is that I love my clients as if they were my  own (my husband won't let me have a million puppies)! I own two Saint Bernards. 

​Mutts-N-More Professional Groomer.

Hi, I'm Kira and I'm so excited to be a part of the Mutts N More family. My passion for animals began at a very young age. And today, I use my years of experience in dog training, boarding and grooming to help every dog I'm entrusted with reach his or her full potential. Every dog is unique, and I enjoy finding ways to make each dog comfortable, as well as educate owners on how to keep their doggies healthy and happy. I'm the proud mom of two little human boys and one big Argentinian Mastiff boy named Boudreaux.

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Hello, I’m Dawn! "Groomer Trainee
I am fairly New to Arizona coming from New York, Where I have spent time working for a doggy daycare and providing care to friends/Family for their pets while they were away from home. Work vacations etc. I’m Known to be a very Friendly and Outgoing person, I Love the job of Visiting Caring and Groom Many Unique and interesting Pets daily. I’m a Very Kind and Gentle Pet handler who doesn’t mind getting Dirty. I have a natural and Intuitive talent for grooming very shy, fearful Cats & Dogs! In my spare time I Love to spend time outside! I have owned a wide Variety of pets from the age of 8 years up, Some of the pets are a Chihuahua, A very lucky Black Cat. American Bulldog as well as a American bull terrier. All of which have Grown into the elder years and Moved on. I have 3 small Human Boys whom keep me busy. My True Joy are these children and my pure love for animals!  I look forward to meeting you and your Furbaby and even more excited for the Journey we have ahead of us!
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MuttsNMore Professional Groomer

​Hello! My name is Shay and I’m happy to be a part of the Mutts-N-More Family. I’ve been grooming for 2 years and animals have always been a passion of mine! I’ve learned many ways to make sure pets are comfortable, safe and loved throughout the grooming process. The best part about mobile grooming is the quality time I spend with each pet and the bond I build! I always love sharing my knowledge with my clients, giving the best recommendations for their pets, and the quality grooms they deserve! I have two Miniature Schnauzers, Bentley and Callie